4 months of sailing and painting in a 5 minute video

This video entitled "Sommer of a solo sailing artist in Greece" I made during the course of four months. The whole summer I sailed, stayed at anchor in sheltered bays, painted and filmed sequences for a new DVD about watercolour painting.

 ( For HD quality or if the video shown on the left doesn't start try this link instead)

Because I wanted to share some of these very special moments and experiences with others I continually filmed what I was doing. For this I rigged up four different cameras on the boat or ashore. Firstly my Canon 5Dlll either with a 100-400mm zoom or a 17-40mm lens. Shown here with also a Hahnel mk 100 microphone with a windshield of synthetic fur to eliminate wind noise.

For detailed work a Sony pocket camera DSC RX100 with zeiss lens came in handy.

Then I used a Gopro mounted on a Phantom DJ 2 drone for areal footage
and not to forget the iphone which has quite a good camera.  Here mounted on a selfie stick

To keep the cameras steady in different situations I used a Gorilla tripod, a mini tripod, the selfie stick and several different clamps combined and attached to anything on board.
Every painting I made took a lot of extra time because the different cameras had to be rigged securely to whatever they were attached to, at the right distance and angle and put on self timer, shooting over and over again.


  1. Thank you very much, Elizabeth! Love it!

    Greetings from Madrid!

  2. I love your technique and...patience. Beautiful.