Back to Kilada

On my way with "George" the autopilot steering. Spetses island in the background.

The lighthouse on the island of Dokus
After 4 wonderful months of sailing, anchoring, filming, photographing, painting and meeting fantastic people it was time to go home. I gradually made my way back to the Basimakopolou boatyard in Kilada where Aquarella is kept safely ashore for the winter.  The two day trip was mostly motorsailing into a light headwind. OK, I must admit, I chose the weather and waited until the forecast predicted light winds. Being alone onboard and a coward, I didn't want to fight with the elements all the way but just have a relaxing trip. However there were some great hours of real sailing when I could stop the engine and enjoy the sound of the sea. Here are some glimpses from the voyage back.
I ran into a pod of dolphins on the way 

The island of Hydra

I was keeping out of the way of this Hydrofoil doing 33 knots compared with my 4.

This is how I keep track on my ipad of the commercial traffic which use AIS.   It's a cheap app called Boat Beacon which updates about every minute. I can click on the boat name to see details such as speed, type of boat etc. Unfortunately they can't see me because I don't have a transmitter but I should show up on the radar or old fashioned line of sight .  I  just make sure to keep out of their way.


  1. Hi, Elizabeth! You are a brave woman! I admire you a lot!

    Greetings from Madrid, Spain.

  2. Dear Elizabeth,

    You are an amazing woman and I have told many people about you. I love your art, your spirit and your gentle soul not to forget your toughness. All the very best to you.

    A fellow sailor

  3. You inspire so many people. Not only with your creativity, but with your brave heart! We salute you!