Sailing solo

A typical day at sea, sailing and painting.

OK, I know, it took quite some time before I finally published this video. That's because it does take a lot of time to do the editing. I had a lot of footage, a few seconds here, a couple of minutes there, but it was difficult to get it to hang together in one video. So I hope you'll forgive me for putting it all together to give the illusion it was all in one day, it wasn't. Now it looks as though I changed clothes five times in five hours, I didn't. It's all smoke and mirrors.
Nevertheless I hope anyone, especially women, can see by this that : Yes you definitely can sail alone! It's not that difficult, it's no big deal. If you really want to do it then go for it!
I regret never having tried solo-sailing before I was in the situation I am in now. I would have been much more confident and competent had I done so. Actually in hind sight I would venture to say,  from a safety point of view, anyone who spends some time on board should be not only able to do it but also have a good routine in doing so.
I learned the hard way.

"Women and cruising" Blog post of the year 2013!

The editors of  "Women and Cruising" have just announced their 5 most read blog posts.
Number one is mine!
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