Article in the Norwegian magazine "Vi over 60"

The Norwegian magazine "Vi over 60" (Us over 60's) has just published an article about me entitled "Seilte fra sorgen" (Sailed away from sorrow), written by the journalist Karin Mogård. She tells the readers at first about how the interview took place amongst stacks of paintings in the middle of my preparations for the annual open studio event.

She then went on to write about my background and my difficult period as newly widowed and how important I felt it was to look forward instead of backwards and to plan and take on new challenges for the future.
The article also mentions this blog and how writing it has been a kind of therapy for me after the trauma of losing my husband. Karin also visited me on my boat in Greece this summer so she could describe how my life on board the boat is and some of the experiences I have had. I am glad she also tells about how I now try to inspire others by traveling around holding talks and lectures about my life as a 70 year old, widowed and solo-sailing artist. 
(When I was asked to hold my first talk in front of a large audience I didn't think it was anything special and I was terribly embarrassed. Now I'm getting requests all the time so it apparently is something worth doing.) I have a new purpose in life!

Talk show

Talking to Ceclia Nebel at the talk show Late Night Helsingborg
On the 1. Dec. I was invited to be one of the guests in a talk show " Late night HBG" arranged by the swedish newspaper HD-Sydsvenskan.
The interview (unfortunately only in Swedish for the time being) can be seen here:  talkshow on YouTube
The show, which was broadcasted live, was hosted by Cecilia Nebel who interviewed me about my escapades as a solosailing artist. The other participants were the voluntary refugee helpers Valon Cakolli and Marie Osberg, the film director and author Osmond Karim and the 3 x world record holder in precision shooting Christina Bengtsson. So I was in really very interesting company and it was quite an experience. Despite my nervousness at first the host Cecilia made me relax and I then enjoyed it tremendously.