The boat

"Aquarella", photo: Kimmo Viljamaa 2006
Aquarella at anchor in Kilada, Greece 2012
This is my boat, a long keeled Hallberg Rassy monsun from 1976
She has gradually been modified for the climate and special needs for sailing in the Mediterranean.
From the bow there's a bowsprit which moved the original position of the forestay with furling jib forward about 70 cm. This made her easier on the tiller. It also enables easier access to the boat with an integrated hinged ladder. The anchor is stowed under it. Theres an electric windlass with remote control, this is a must when retrieving 80 meters of anchor chain and a 16 kg Britany anchor.
You can see my wind scoop which catches the lightest breeze and sends it down the hatch. The Monsun has a rolling boom, useful for reefing and stowing the mainsail. It has to be done from the mast though. On the coach roof there is a life raft and two solar panels plus one on top of the bimini. The aft part of the bimini is fixed for the season and only taken down in winter. The forward part can be dismantled when under way. There's a hydraulic powered steering wheel and an autopilot, connected to the radar and GPS.
Her other vital statistics are:
Olle Enderlein
Hull length
9.36 m / 30' 9"
Length water line
7.50 m / 24'  8"
2.87 m / 9' 5"
1.40 m / 4' 7"
4 200 kg / 9 250 lbs
Keel weight
1 900 kg / 4 200 lbs
Sail area with jib
39 m² / 430 sq ft
kW / HP
17 / 23
Diesel tank
120 litres / 32 US gallon
Water tank
160 litres / 43 US gallon

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