Good to have and just in case......

Over the years of cruising in the Med, various spare parts, tools, equipment and good-to-have-things and just-in-case-bits have accumulated in the boat. With this new situation as a single hander I have put a lot of thought into what other things I will need. Here is what I am taking with me so far. Some things for safety, others just for comfort.
-Spare part kit for the bilge pump.
-More fenders, one small fender for the dinghy (which I found on the beach nearby)
two flat fenders that can double as seats or steps.
-Ipad with waterproof case. The Ipad has navigation apps such as isailor and Boat Beacon, receiving/sending AIS signals.
-lubrication grease for budging everything I haven’t the strength to move, shift, dislodge, push or shove. 
-Cooling fan tray for my laptop. (things tend to get overheated in Greece, including me)
-Emergency rations if I can’t get to a shop.
-Camping stove toaster for all the stale bread I will undoubtedly have.
-A children’s bicycle basket to keep hold of camera, cell phone and other breakables in the cockpit or cabin. (hooks onto a shelf or other fixture.)
-A handheld VHF radio with extra long antenna. The fixed radio down below is out of reach from the wheel.
-Miners lamp, not only for finding things in dark corners but also for being seen at night in the dinghy.
-Sikaflex for gluing and fixing leaks.
-Zinc anode and bottom plug.
-Torch on magnetic flexible legs (gorilla)
-Anchor chain roller to be mounted on the pushpit. (to spare my back)
-Extra strong solar lamp for anchor light.
- Bucket with tight fitting lid. (toilet while the boat’s on the hard or when I can't leave the cockpit)
-Safety harness.
-small coffee thermos with hanging strap.
-Solar powered charger for ipad, phone and camera.
-Collapsible water canisters (10 liters)

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  1. "Children’s bicycle basket" genius idea... I'll pinch that idea for my boat... :o)

    Don't forget the sun tan lotion - bound to be cheaper before you go than when you get there....

    Fair winds....