Salvaging the dinghy and engine

After the storm I let the upturned dinghy and engine stay in the water while I prepared the salvaging operation. I still couldn't get help so everything had to be thought through and planned beforehand. Again this was something I didn't think I could do alone and yet another hurdle to get over.


  1. You are the best! I saw your post about the storm and wondered how you'd fare. How inspiring to see you being self reliant - a true yachtswoman. and a great video maker too :)
    SV Yofy

  2. A new hero ! It's inspiring to see you doing everything so calmly and proficiently. I am amazed at how you keep the camera(s) positioned even during crisis situations like the outboard. Great job.
    s/v Wild Goose

  3. Hi Elizabeth - great to see you back on the boat and sorry to read about your misadventures. For our electric windlass, we had a 2nd control switch installed next to the engine throttle in the cockpit so that it could be operated "solo" if we ever needed to. This might be a good investment for you and it's a relatively inexpensive operation. I can't imagine having to battle winds for 3 hours solo ! Cheers, Maria and Patrick, s/v SPRAY, just back from 3 rather harrowing months cruising around northern Spain.

  4. Thank you for sharing your lifestyle and experiences! Through you, I've Learned that you can salvage a motor from the sea. Also a very capable woman can do it! Bravo!

  5. I love you Bravo, I've been an electrician for 30 yrs, now retired and want to sail and I'm thinking it will be solo. Now I know I can do it... Thank you.