When one door closes, another one opens…


A sad day indeed when Aquarella was sold.

It hurts to think that I will never be sailing Aquarella again.
In 2013 when my husband died and I decided to try to sail alone around the Greek islands I was 67 yrs old. Now, after doing just that for ten years I am 77 and its time for new challenges and adventures.

Aquarella has given me so much I had never imagined, amongst other things:
  • A lot of self confidence and self esteem.
  • The feeling of total freedom, sailing silently towards the horizon.
  • The challenge of getting all systems in working order and the feeling of accomplishment when they did work.
  • The magic of lying alone under the dark, starlit nights.
  • The sheer panic of hanging on in a storm for hours on end but knowing Aquarella would stand for it if I could.
  • The feeling of strength, both mentally and physically after hours, days and months of doing things I never imagined I could.
  • The unexpected encounters and warm friendships with people I never would have met otherwise.

  • The pleasure of seeing the result of hard work and loving care for this beautiful classic sailboat.

Thank you for taking care of me Aquarella!

PS Aquarella will be sailing on under a new name:
WAKATOBI  of Rotterdam.
PPS. I will still be on the water writing, painting, photographing and filming with a new boat and a new partner. You can keep up with my new blog here: https://solar-at-sea.blogspot.com/

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